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SEPAI stands for Society for Energizing Performing Arts among every Indian. We are a registered group in Bangalore under the Karnataka Society Registration Act (1960) and working actively since February 2014.

The founders of the society has been working towards a goal of promoting performing arts among Indians and encouraging the common man to participate in them, for more than two decades. We intend to provide a platform for all, starting from the person with a day job to a full time performing artist, for cultivating their talents and interests.

  • The dwindling quality and interest in performing arts, like theater, due to increasing prominence of the commercial entertainment industry and changing lifestyle is one of the main motivating factors that has led to the formation of this society. We have made our missions aligned with the belief that culture thrives from common citizens. It should be them who should be taught and encouraged to participate. We intend to make them discover the beauty of traditional performing arts.

    • Promote cultural awareness among common people
    • Expose more people to Indian Performing Arts
    • Encourage everyone to actively participate in Performing Arts
  • Be Our Friend

    We welcome everyone who are interested to be a part of SEPAI as an artist, a volunteer, a supporter or a patron. If you or your organization needs our support to organize your events or if you want to jointly organize events, please write to us or contact us at our web site We would be glad to address your ideas.



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